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Photos from this years international clown festival. The Arena winter quarter can bee seen, including the stables, the training ring (there will be a display of training the performing sealions, the Arena museum etc. The red carpet was rolled out. Preben Palsgaard with his talking shoe. Rislans most impressive tricks were several forwards and backwards summersaults, one with a twist. Circus IN paris - by zarro zarro. The Danish clown Bonbon and his Finnish wife

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Tiina are on their way to the circus festival in Monte Carlo. Father and daughter are among the best circus photographers in Europe. Photo taken in Paris during a visit earlier this year.

thai take away herning marie mille

A lot of people from the Danish circus world saw the performance including Diana Benneweis with her daughter Nadia and several members of the Enoch family. All in all the show is well worth seeing. Furthermore they are said to have engaged the Balder clowns, Hans and Vicky Pedersen with their sealions and penguins, the Messoudi family and Garcias arial rocket act. The Dubsky clowns will be replaced by Gorge Alexis, a brother of the well-known clown Toni Alexis. Click here to see the slideshow. He had performed at Ed Sullivans famous TV-show in New York and together with celebrities as Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.

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Circus Benneweis will be in Copenhagen from 5 to 16 September at in the Copenhagen suburb Greve from 31 August to 2 September. To get there: Métro escort vestjylland pornofilm dansk to station Ranelagh, then 20 minutes' walk, following the direction arrows. Performering artist are Rasmus Aitouganov, Lars Gregersen, Mille Lundt, Josephine Wulff Randrup, Camila Sarrazin, Scott Ackerman, parkering tirstrup silkeborg massage Hanne Raffnsøe, Maja Romm, Henriette Groth and Johan Segerberg. In the performance you will meet 14 singers and dancers and 4 circus acrobats. Photographer: Lise Kokholm European Circus Camp 2007 in Denmark.

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Put your red noses on and set a course for legoland on Clown Day. I love horses especially if the can run free on the fields, playing, kicking and being happy Diana told me in 2006. The circus closed after season 1987. We will extend our thanks and congratulations to the gontellis family for continuing this great tradition of popular entertainment. It has now been confirmed: Ada is singing and not just miming to prerecorded song. Click here to se a slideshow with photos from the performance. Circus Kenny is produced by Haddy Enoch of Circus Dannebrog. The equilibrist Palchikov had an elegant act in a spectacular elastic dress, however of an artistically standard being somewhat lower that Encho whom we saw Friday evening. The main attraction in Landauer Christmas Circus 2007/08 is two Danes: the gentleman thief couple joan kenny quinn. And he would certainly be able to recognise his old friends.

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However, visitors are welcomed from.m. The Circus camp is this year expanded with one day. The performance is not just acrobatics but also music. The Portuguese solo artist Joao. Since 2001 Bonbon and Tiina has every summer season toured Denmark with Circus Arena where Bonbon not only have run-ins as clown but also are arranging the music and the light-setting. But no other circus has for that many years been owned by the same family. Robin valencia, US, the living cannon projectile - a seldom seen stunt. Paris has a great tradition for X-mas circus - The cirque pinder director gilbert edelstein brings the Dutch national circus hermann renz to Nanterre, a Parisian suburb, and he does so every year.